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You may have the best web design, the most interesting content, the most neatly and professionally done website. If you have no traffic or customers going to your website, it is useless. This is where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO comes in. It is the marketing arm of your website. It takes care of generating sales for your website. SEO as defined in Wikipedia is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines using different techniques of optimisation.

Amongst several search engines, Google is the most sought after, if you can make it in google, you can make it anywhere. How to optimise a website is achieved by several different methods and techniques. Here is where most of website owners or internet marketers are at a crossroad. Whether they are just starting out or already experts in the field of marketing. Internet marketing is far more different. Here we deal with statistics. How to be on top of these statistics does not require a secret formula. All it needs is the right combination. Good SEO company with the right people working on it and hard work with the correct strategy.

Here are some facts that will help you determine why you need to optimise your website;

  • 1.3 billion people from all the world use the web everyday, for whatever purpose it may serve them best
  • 85% of these users utilize the use of search engines when looking for the things that they need
  • Those websites which are on the top 10 get 80% more exposure than those in the lower spots
  • 25% or less of internet users will not bother going beyond the first page of their search, which means that most of the percentage of the internet users looks on the first page. So good luck if your website is not there.
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